Victor C. Samuel

Victor C. Samuel is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Vellion LLC, the company he founded in 2020. Prior to starting Vellion LLC, Victor was a member of the United States Air Force Reserve Command, Billing Analyst, and Author. His passion for service transends that of his country, he is on a mission to […]

Tyri Brown

Tyri Brown is Creative Director and Development Strategist for Vellion LLC. Prior to working with Vellion LLC, Tyri searved in the United States Army, dedicating his time to serve his country. He is very passionate when it comes to serving others and he’s mentored youth in his current home state of Texas. His vision for […]

Daisy Befoune

Daisy Befoune is Co-Founder and Director of Finance, the company she co-founded in 2020. Prior to starting Vellion LLC, Daisy was a Bank Teller and Accounting and Membership Coordinator. Her vision for VELLION is that of growing a community around caring for one another and building a sense of togetherness. Daisy recieved a BBA in […]